Cyber Security is a collection of technologies and processes which has been designed to protect your devices from malicious users and malware attacks. It is not a simple task to provide security to devices as hackers invent new techniques of harming the devices and retrieving important information. 

The security experts need strong knowledge about ransomware, kill chains etc. The anatomy of the systems should also be studied in order to invent better ways of shielding the gadgets. It mainly covers application security, information security, disaster recovery and network security. 

Without the security of your digital devices, you are at risk of losing valuable information. In order to protect your system from attacks you need to keep your system up to date so that it can cope up with the threats. 

Install firewalls on your systems too. Cyber security is a business strategy and is becoming the number one priority for small as well as large scale businesses. Statistics show that 71 percent of the companies that are hacked have small businesses. Hackers attack them as they know that such companies don’t have IT departments to take care of their systems. This new security technology helps in protecting your business by backing up your data and defending the system from malevolent attacks. 

If you want base level security then use Comodo but if you want to protect your device drivers too then try using ESET. These are easy and inexpensive ways of protecting the business. You also need to encrypt data while sending from one system to another as this will make the data not usable for the hacker. Moreover, limit the user access to the system. 

Make your Wi-Fi secure and hidden and only allow trusted devices to connect to it. Changing the passwords can also be a useful tip forsafekeeping. Before updating the system run a scan over it to see if it’s a malware or not. In order to add more reliability, buy the security insurance and apply multi step authentication to the computers. Moreover, use cyber planners too.