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Cyber Security: Protecting Your Business

Cyber Security is a collection of technologies and processes which has been designed to protect your devices from malicious users and malware attacks. It is not a simple task to provide security to devices as hackers invent new techniques of harming the devices and retrieving important information. 

The security [...]

5 Benefits of Data Backup for Your Business

As far as the security of information in any business is concerned, having a data backup is vital to the company’s success. Unfortunately only about a half of companies do a data back up and ensure their business information is secured.

The sad part is, disasters do not give [...]

What is Data Recovery?

By definition, data recovery is the restoration, recall or retrieval of digital information that is no longer accessible for one reason or the other. Recovery of data is possible on multiple storage mediums like solid state drive, hard disk drive, desktop internal hard drive, SD or Memory cards, and [...]